Meet Our Coaches

Ryan gravatt

CEO & Founder, Digital Hero Academy

“As a campaign, you need to know who is your audience, what are you asking them to do and are they doing it. We can help you define all of this and build a better digital strategy.”

Madison Smith

"Winning campaigns reach voters through multiple channels with a strong message. Our Academy team is here to help you create an effective digital presence that resonates with your target audience."

Joseph Resta

"An effective digital strategy is all about maximizing efficiency. Smart strategic decisions can help stretch your campaign's resources and lead to victory"

zachery henry

“No one ever said talking about the hard things was easy, but it can be rewarding. Find an issue you’re passionate about, research and familiarize yourself with it, and then communicate your viewpoint in a way that is relatable to your audience.”

Nina Bortolussi

“When it comes to digital strategy, don’t fake it until you make it — practice it until you achieve your goals.”

Allie Meisenheimer

“Maintaining your digital presence is more important now than ever before and content is king...keep it consistent, fresh and relevant!”

Sydney wallace

"Graphic design is your campaign, made visible. It is critical to choose brand assets that are authentic to you and your campaign in order to visually catch the attention of voters."